Regulations of the national portfolio RKT8 – RKT8

Regulations of the national portfolio RKT8


What it is

National portfolio – a set of assets for profit generated at the expense of the project RKT8

Various assets are added to the portfolio for the purpose of extracting profits and distribution among token-holders RKT8. Such assets can be any tools for extracting income:

  • cryptocurrency (tokens and coins)
  • robotic sources of income – cryptocurrency, arbitration robots, forex robots and others

The purpose of the national portfolio is to encourage RKT8 token holders specifically on the balance of the RKT8 robot, using profit distribution, unlike airdrop, which RKT8 tokens holders who store them on Waves wallets receive. That is, the profit of the national portfolio is distributed only among those who earned tokens in the robot RKT8

Mechanics of the formation of the national portfolio

The portfolio is formed from the advertising revenues of the RKT8 project from specific assets that are decided by the project management, and later by voting in the RKTR8 robot. Reports and portfolio replenishment offers are published on this site and on the official telegram channel.

Decisions on fixing losses and liquidating portfolio assets (if the asset is unprofitable) are made in the same way.

Mechanics of distribution of the national portfolio

The profit of the national portfolio is calculated in the dollar at least once a calendar month and the issue of distribution is put to the vote. Tokens can decide to fix a profit and distribute it, while the volume of the national portfolio is reduced by the amount of the distribution. Or vote for the reinvestment of funds and in this case the people’s portfolio increases.

While voting is held on the official telegram channel Rocket T8 and later in the robot.

In case of making a decision on distribution, for this amount RKT8 tokens are bought on the exchange at the current exchange rate and sent to the internal balance sheets in the robot

The distribution involves users who have a minimum balance for the withdrawal amount. For example, with the minimum amount on conclusion 8 of RKT8, those who have from 8 tokens take part. With an increase in the minimum amount of withdrawal, the minimum for distribution also increases. For example, if you increase to 18 RKT8, users with such balances will participate – if the user has less than this amount, he does not participate in the distribution. No upper limit

The distribution mechanism exists to support holders who still do not meet the conditions of airdrop on the amount and to motivate the hold inside the robot

Profit is distributed in proportion to the balance sheets – for example, a profit of $ 500 and in the robot 10 users with a balance of 8 rkt8 and 10 with a balance of 20 rkt8. The total amount of balances is 280 rkt8 – it means about 1.78 dollars per 1 token. So a user with a balance of 20 tokens will receive 35.6 dollars

This regulation is an integral part of white paper RKT8 and can be adjusted by the decision of the community by voting on the blockchain.

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