Regulations of Airdrop RKT8. – RKT8

Regulations of Airdrop RKT8.


What it is

Airdrop – free distribution of coins to tokens owners (token holders) RKT8. In essence, this is a redistribution of income from advertising sold on Raketa T8 resources among loyal project participants, as well as funds from the public portfolio (there will be a separate regulation about it)

The RKT8 token is released on the Waves blockchain with the following characteristics:

In other words, the RKT8 token is not a dividend and does not guarantee profitability, but is the status of a loyalty program for our subscribers. This encouragement of dedicated users who are interested in the development of the project and received tokens in one of the following ways:

  • mining in the RKT8 robot for likes, comments, subscriptions and other targeted social actions
  • winning in competitions held on our resources
  • purchase on the exchange

Airdrop Mechanics

Airdrop is carried out in the following stages 2 times a month (in exceptional cases, if there are sponsors, airdrop can be held more often):

  1. announcement of airdrop and its conditions on the official telegram channel announcement of airdrop and its conditions on the official telegram channel (there are no specific dates and times – everything is announced, but guaranteed 2 times a month and according to the conditions below)
  2. blockchain snapshot (identifying and fixing wallets balances for a specific date and time) via an API query and manually through an explorer. Users can always check the correctness of the image.
  3. distribution of airdrop to the appropriate conditions for addresses within 3 days after airdrop in parts to eliminate the effect on the rate of the token RKT8

Airdrop is sent to the addresses of the holders of RKT8 coins Waves (default) or US Dollar (adopted during the voting). After the implementation of the voting mechanism of the token-holders on the blockchain, this issue will be put to a vote every time and taken in accordance with the wish of the majority of token-holders according to the rule – the greater the balance, the stronger the voice

Distribution is carried out from the project funds from the address 3PCyMNDUFK1xWGm1J72furLXhN5d7woknPd, but in case of lack of project income from advertising, the airdrop will be sent out from the stabilization fund of airdrop, which is set at 50,000 rkt8. Fund assets can always be checked in the blockchain at 3PMLiyRETrNEozd9nFWtRJyS9hQjQhijjaF. In the event of a decrease in the fund’s resources, the user will be able to conclude that the project does not cope with the obligations. In case of stability of funds, the project is stable. With the growth of the project, the fund can be increased by voting

To get an airdrop, you must have the minimum number of tokens on the balance, which is set for a specific airdrop according to the following rules for the next 6 months (the decision is then made on the basis of a community vote):

*pa is not a guaranteed return, measured in USD, given for clarity, and calculated by the formula


= (B x PA x RW) / (B x RR) x 2 x 12

B – balance in RKT8

RR – RKT8 rate in USD conditionally 1 USD

PA – the percentage of airdrop

RW – WAVES rate conditional 2 USD

For example, I have 300 tokens at the beginning of January 2019. The minimum balance is 298 – so I get airdrop. After the blockchain shot I get 300×3.7% = 11.1 waves. If the RKT8 rate is 2 dollars and the waves cost 4 dollars, then I earned 44.4 dollars or 7.4% in 2 weeks or 14.8% per month or 177.6% per annum

Or another example – at the beginning of January I have 297 tokens with a minimum of 298 – it means I do not receive airdrop

The minimum balances are increasing and at the same time, the percentage of airdrop increases – this is done to support existing investors and improve project loyalty – in this way, those who received tokens randomly won out and do not plan to participate in the development of the project. On the other hand, loyal users can always buy a small amount in 2 weeks between handouts or earn money in the RKT8 robot

This regulation is an integral part of white paper RKT8 and can be adjusted by the decision of the community by voting on the blockchain. This version of the regulation abolished with the entry of Regulation 2.0.

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