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How will roBOT work for you? 

The phone rang.

Vasily Vasilyevich Pupkin, unwillingly tore away from the TV screen … his favorite TV show “Orel & Reshka” was showing. 

-Hello – he answered with an unsteady voice.

-Vasily Vasilyevich Pupkin?


– My name is Serega Rad, can we meet? There is a business … it’s not a phone conversation, but only you can help solve the problem of several million, all within the bounds of the law and you can always refuse, you know.

– Can you manage without me somehow? I’m very, very busy …- Vasya looked at the TV screen. 

-No, it is a person with your name and surname suitable for our Internet show!

He? An ordinary person who has honestly worked all his life at the factory? 

Yes .., he, like everyone, dreamed about money, traveling, but he firmly believed that not in this life and not with such a last name! 

Anyway, there was nothing to lose, and Vasya agreed! So began the VVP show …

You, for sure, know how many people like Vasya, almost said goodbye to their dreams, lost confidence, and are paralysed with fear of tomorrow. . 

They are desperately looking for a way out, but they always see only the entrance, the entrance to the new day is so similar to the previous one. 

Not everything is lost yet – they say, but time is ticking, and hope is melting away every day … 

We decided to change the life paradigm of Vasya Pupkin’s thinking, a simple worker’s in the FSU (former Soviet Union). 

We decided not to teach people success, but to show with a real example that no matter what life route a person is at, he is able to improve his life and reach the heights he had already forgotten to dream. 

We decided to show – how Vasya Pupkin, continuing to do his usual activities, began to achieve prosperity and wealth with each passing day.. 

!!! By the way, for those Who’sNotPupkin, but also wants to “take make easy”: to have a passive source of income, although you have no idea where to start, because you tried or did not try yourself in different types of business, but something “did not go well” or you are already in Taiga, but you are not engaged in the promotion and construction of the structure …


To find out what you need to do, get acquainted with the product, with a marketing plan and find out how RoBOT will earn money for you, watch a series of videos from our main BOT developer Кirill Zykov.

It will take 8 minutes. 

Then we will summarize and tell you what scenario exactly each member of the VVP show will follow. 

Stocked up with popcorn?) 

So what is the essence of the VVP show project

The goal of the VVP show: each participant receives monthly cash accruals according to the established marketing plan.. 

When registering in a project, a special Internet roBOT, according to the developed algorithm, builds a structure of newly comers “in twos”, i.e. puts you to the nearest free cell of the structure, and continues further to build the new-comers under you.

Continuing to put people under you, the ROBOT-networker builds your multi-level structure, and according to the marketing plan of the company VILAVI, which produces the product TAIGA8, you receive money into the Personal Cabinet for new-comers as bonuses.


Therefore, the sooner you become a member, the higher you will be and the bigger will be your “check” (check – your passive income)!

As they say: help others earn, you earn as well.

You just need to keep up the activity, i.e. use the product of TAIGA 8 every day, in order to be in good shape, to be very healthy, to live up to 120 years (as scientists proved) and to die from ecstasy.. 

But that’s not all!

Do not forget that you are in RAKETA T8, so all active participants in the VVP show receive RKT8 tokens, as well as their IDs are integrated into the RKT8 bot, and this, in turn, increases the coefficients for mining cryptocurrency on social networks..  

Plus – for the participants of VVP show, who make the activity before the 7th day of the new month, there is a draw, in which the referral link of the winner is placed under traffic coming from the RKT8 BOT advertisement from the entire Internet space.. 

And as you already know, for those who constantly replenish their balance with RKT8 tokens and take an active part in the development of our community, airdrop comes in the form of cryptocurrency and cash charges.. 

i. e. BOTs make you a multiple source of passive income, which, with active reinvestment, bring even more profit. 

We are sure that everything became clear to you!! 

If you are not yet familiar with the product TAIGA8, RKT8 RoBOT, the rocket business itself, come to our live broadcasts on Tuesdays and Thursdays (announcements are on Raketa T8 channel in Telegram) 

To sum up: who is the member of the VVP show?

A person registered with our roBOT-networker. 

The person who uses the product TAIGA8 every day (or as we call it: tanks up with Rocket fuel T8) 

A person who gets a higher rate by mining RKT8 using our RKT8 RoBOT in Telegram 

A person who supports the development of our Raketa T8 community, and our robots support him))) 


if you decide to become such a Person, moreover, it is free and does not hurt)

just write down the password and ID that will come to your email in about 10 minutes!

And remember! The more decisive you are, the sooner you start to use the opportunity given to you!


What do you need to do next?

1 . Enter Personal Account>> (using the ID and password)

2 . Enter tayga8.com site>> and learn about the product.

3 . Enter «STORE» and order the product (minimum 50Pv)

What will you have with this!?

Firstly, you will get the product and try it

Secondly, you will become a company representative and after understanding it, you can start your own business, and our Raketa T8 >> community will help to understand the niceties of the business.

Thirdly, you will take a place in our VVP Show system, and our robot will put under you the following people who came to the project after you.

What else can you do to understand it better?

Join Telegram-chat  VVP-Show>> , subscribe to Instagram>>, to YOUTUBE>>, and come to live broadcasts to clarify the remaining questions.

You can also ask your questions to our BOT in Telagram>>

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