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Network robot iST8 and VVP show – what is it?


If you are at least a week in the RKT8 project, then you have definitely heard about the VVP show. What is VVP? This is not Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and not gross domestic product (also VVP in Ru) – this is the most famous person whom everyone knows and at the same time nobody knows – Vasily Vasilyevich Pupkin. And his dad was also Vasya Pupkin (maybe that’s why they are so famous that they are all Vasya).

What is it

In fact, VVP-show is not a separate product, but just a way to demonstrate that the network business can be environmentally friendly and uncomplicated even for ordinary people who do not have pumped social networks – they do not have an instagram with a bunch of subscribers, youtube with a large community and there may not be social networks in order to earn here. After all, here you need to do only 2 actions:

  1. 1) drink T8 «rocket fuel», it is a Tayga8 product – if you don’t know,you can watch here
  2. teach your friends to do the same

More on this in a series of short cartoons that will explain to you and your comrades how it works. – watch it one by one – there is a separate playlist

Here is the 1st one


Kirill Zykov and I met when we entered the Tayga8 network business and we came up with a unique product that helps restore the body and the idea of the project – therefore, in all our products there is a name – T8.

But we understood that the classic business according to the scheme CZV – list-call-meeting does not suit us, because we do not want to invite anyone and eat up the brain to anyone. And we really want to earn money as powerful networkers. And the main essence of our idea is to allow people who do not want to invite, to earn a lot due to 2 simple actions, using robotization and traffic from the Internet.

Agree that through the Internet you can attract a lot more people than inviting to personal meetings? But many do it through spam, sending messages in direct Instagram or in PM VK – this is not acceptable. We do not want to force anyone and convince anyone, we want them to come to us and ask what it is and how they can earn here.

The main idea is to use the traffic of the entire project Raketa T8 in order to place partners in depth by two. Everything is just 2 actions and 2 partners in the first line of each. This is how it looks and it looks like a rocket, where each captain has 2 pilots, these pilots have 2 pilots and so on.

ВВП шоу

And all the traffic – the flow of people is poured down – due to this, qualifications are achieved in the network and the entire structure is pumped evenly.

That is, everyone does not need to create and pump their YouTube channel or instagram. – It’s enough for you to help us pump existing resources with comments and subscriptions and get people into the structure automatically.

Who is it for?

This is especially for those who:

  • does not want to invite and look like a sectarian
  • wants an indecent lot of money
  • wants to live indecently for a long time (at the expense of the product)
  • who did not succeed in the network business
  • did not go to the network business because it is dumb

How can you earn

First you need to register – the link will be available after the official presentation and launch here

Next, select products in the store in the amount of 5 or 10 thousand rubles (and the amount of bonuses received will depend on your choice – these are 50 and 100 pv, respectively), pay for them – this is called activation. For example, I need products for 20 thousand for a family – I buy this much

You will receive a product for 10 thousand and 3 thousand cashback to your account + the benefits described later.

Every month you will need to do activity for 5 or 10 thousand, but as a rule already for 2 months at the expense of the partners who came to your structure – this will not be a cost for you, and you can pay from the bonus account and even earn.

If for some reason you do not buy for the next month, all bonuses will pass by your superior and in a year you will automatically be removed from the system.

You can just do nothing and get partners into your structure, and you can use the capabilities of the robot and simply place your link in your social networks and so the development will be faster. But this is optional.

The main thing is to drink Tayga and that your partners should drink Tayga – it is not necessary to buy huge amounts to sell. Your task is to promote the product

How much can you earn?

Here the numbers can be completely different and there are no guarantees, but for approximately 2 months you can already buy the product completely for bonuses. There also depends a lot on qualifications – for example, Vasya has 2 carats – here is his check for October 27 in less than a month.

Perhaps the main function of iST8 is to help you become healthier, because, no matter how much money you have, if there is no health, you don’t need them.

Integration with other robots

In November, the iST robot will be integrated with the RKT8 robot and if you are a user of both robots, then you will have the following advantages:

  • you will be the first to receive notifications about new tasks, which means you will be faster than others + tokens will be reserved for a specific task
  • you will receive special expensive tasks that others will not receive
  • you will receive increased rewards, because the activity in iST8 will be equal to verification – you will not need to be verified. But if you don’t want to use iST8, then you will have the opportunity to pass verification – passport + selfie + or another document confirming your identity + only verified will receive certain types of tasks
  • you will receive welcome tokens for simple registration in the RKT8 robot (available only verified)
  • you may not personally do the tasks in RKT8 – you will have a PRO account. For everyone else, since November, the rule is introduced – to do at least 1 task per day in order to receive a referral reward
  • if you make 100 pv per month – this is + 10% personal reward, if 50 pv – then + 5%
  • it will also be reward for achieving ranks eg 1 carat + 10% to remuneration + rewards for achieving ranks
  • for every 50 pv of personal volume you will receive 2.5 rkt8 – that is, if you take my family for 200 pv – you get 10 rkt8
  • if you did activity 2-8 of the month, then bonus tokens x2 – that is, for me there will be not 10 but 20
  • the minimum salary for the withdrawal of tokens from the balance of the RKT8 robot will be lower
  • users who made 100 pv participate in the daily draw of the RKT8 robot reference letter that will stand on our resources – these are additional partners

These figures are approximate and the full regulations will be published after the launch of the robot and the coefficients can be adjusted if the rate of the token RKT8 changes strongly.

In addition, later iST8 robot will be integrated with our other robots – Tiki, Forex, Arbitrage and others that will appear in our arsenal. 

That is, using these robots you will automatically receive partners and in their structures from those who will be under you, and this is a completely different money. For example, Forex brings about $ 1,000 a week from a referral link. And your partners will be assigned to you in all robots. 

How to get here?

Those who are already in the VVP show and have an activated personal account in our structure in Tayga8 automatically take the first places. All others will be able to register only after the official launch

When the launch is

ist8 робот сетевик

November 2, at 12:00 Moscow time, come to this page or live broadcast

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