RKT8 Token – RKT8

Token – “in a simple way” is a money substitute – a modern tool that gives the creator the right to realize his investment interests, in our case, the development of the Raketa T8 project.

The release of the token makes it possible to change real money for virtual (tokens), and real money is used to develop the project of the token creator, and the profit is divided among the token holders.

What is RKT8 token

RKT8 tokens are essentially cryptocurrency, 8,888,888 tokens are released, RKT8 is traded on the DEX stock exchange – this is an internal client of the WAVES blockchain platform.

Initially, the face value was $ 1. All tokens were released without the possibility of additional emission on the same WAVES platform.

Identifier RKT8 (Asset ID) : 8LjKWGxXsiLpMziWanFn117e97gNXShD1zwSLCGpSPfb

51% of tokens are distributed among the Raketa T8 community, 39% among the project’s founders, 10% among the team.

No tokensale, there was not and will not be, the whole exchange of tokens for real money takes place on the DEX exchange among the holders of RKT8.

Tokens are distributed among the Raketa T8 community by organizing bonus events.

In fact, the RKT8 token is a loyalty program that is aimed at increasing activity on the official Internet channels of the Raketa T8 community.

It was done initially, so that project managers would be able to reward subscribers and members of the community for being active on the Raketa T8 community, internet resources, that is: YouTube, Telegram, VK, FB, Instagram, OK channels.

The level reached by the Raketa T8 project is largely the merit of the subscribers, so the decision to release a token was dictated by the need to thank the participants and, if possible, improve their financial situation.

☑️ How tokens are distributed you can see via this link 

What makes RKT8 token valuable

The basis of exchange and belief in the token RKT8 is the trust in the activities of the Raketa T8 community, namely the impartiality and integrity of the opinion of its creators. Advertising is the main engine of the project development.

On the Internet resources of the T8 ROCKET you can buy broadcast time, but you can NEVER buy the analytical opinion of the creators of the Raketa T8! The project does not and will not have advertising on the prepared text.

This is what gives the value of the RKT8 token.

For subscribers and members of the Raketa T8 community, in the key of their own highly competent opinion and detailed, thorough analytical analysis of the issues and tasks of the crypto-world community, a full analysis of the blockchain projects and the functionality of the technologies are made, as well as forecasts on the choice of investment strategies.

Based on the constantly produced full information content in the voiced inset, subscribers and community members can most rationally choose their own development strategy, which invariably leads them to the well-being and improvement of their own lives.

☑️ Be sure to read the Disclamer.

Why do we need tokens

RKT8 tokens are, in fact, means of distributing the budget of advertisers in favor of subscribers and participants of the Raketa T8.

What are the advantages tokens give to their holders

Bonus program conditions apply to subscribers and participants of the Raketa T8 project, who do not sell tokens on the stock exchange, but are token holders, are:

  • growth rate of the token – demand is constantly increasing, and emission is limited
  • airdrops – free distribution of coins to all rkt8 holders. A blockchain snapshot is taken 2 times a month, and for those who own a certain amount of a token for the given month, receive Waves coins. According to the latest calculated data, each token generates from 160% per annum if you count at face value. Without taking into account that distributions are becoming increasingly large-scale and bring more coins and also without reinvesting.
  • prize draws
  • the access to the men’s club RKT8 – yes, this is only for men, unfortunately, because there will be only male earning tools using robotic sources of income + regular meetings, parties and communication with normal people who have a clear vision of business and life. Learning to create multiple sources of income, including YouTube channels, goal-setting and much more that men need in order to be a real earner and make it so mostly by the work of robots. We all have families and children, so this is not a booze with chicks, but really useful activities. The club will open its doors very soon.
  • distribution of profit from the national portfolio and advertising budgets of the project Raketa T8
  • voting – using tokens it will be possible to vote and make joint decisions (without spending them, of course, but depending on how many tokens you have – this many votes you get) – in which projects we invest together, what videos we make, etc.


☑️ More detail in WhitePaper

How to buy tokens

Tokens are exchanged only among holders, no tokensale.

In order how to use the wallet and the stock exchange and buy RKT8 tokens watch the video:

How are RKT8 tokens from Raketa T8 project put up for the stock exchange

Such questions often come in, especially on the threshold of Airdrop at the end of the month. Since we did not conduct any tokensale and we do not do it – all tokens can be bought only on the DEX Waves stock exchange.

But there are 2 trust funds # rkt8_ newgeneration and # rkt8_kryptojeep and these tokens are regularly put up for sale according to the following schedule:

☑️2 lots of 100 tokens 1 time in 2 days in the morning at about 5-6 am MSK. The last time was on Sunday morning – so the next time – on Tuesday morning

☑️2 lots of 100 tokens 1 time per day around 18-19 pm Moscow time. It’s everyday

❌no more tokens are set – all other tokens on the stock exchange are from token holders. If you like to trade on the stock exchange – you can sell your tokens by more expensive price and buy them cheaper – no one forbids it.


Message from the leaders of the Raketa T8:

“The RKT8 Token was created only for the development of the Raketa T8 project and the popularization of new modern robotic sources of income and competent financial and risk management. We proceed from the hypothesis that:

  • First, decentralization is the best way to develop a project (and we purposefully give 51% of tokens to our users) and only sitting down you can jump much higher, and only by taking a step back and speeding away you can make a long jump, and only by teaching your partners how to earn money you can earn more
  • secondly, the collective mind is always smarter than the mind of the individual and it can make more accurate and correct decisions

Personally, we, the Raketa T8 Community, sincerely believe in this, which is why we do it.

If these ideas are also close to you, it means we’re both going the same way. “


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