• ToolBOT in Telegram
  • Product: RKT8 token
  • Mode: semi-automatic
  • Wallet: WAVES platform
  • Withdrawal in fiat: YES
  • Airdrop: YES
  • Instruction: YES
  • Chat: YES
  • RoBOT Rent: FREE
  • Social Network: YouTube | VKontakte | Instagram | FB | Odnoklassniki 
  • Affiliate: 10 levels
  • Connect to the RKT8 RoBOT: http://rkt8.io/rkt8robot 

The RKT8 robot in the Telegram from the RAKETA T8 project was created to work for you to help mine the cryptocurrency (RKT8 token) right on social networks for the same actions that you performed before for free.

“We made it in order to support the subscribers of our space community, who are active and help develop our resources. The cooler our YouTube and Telegram and VK and FB are, the more money from advertisers, and this is primarily a merit of our subscribers!”

Now you can watch videos, like and comment and earn RKT8 tokens for it.

We have made 10 levels of affiliate programs – and this is even more money from the actions of your friends and friends of your friends up to level 10.

Thus, this is essentially the main feature. The robot allows you to build a team that will help you earn even more at times, and our constantly coming updates only increase this opportunity.


The functionality of the robot is not limited to the fact that you mine a cryptocurrency and earn money from your friends’ mining – we have an unreal upgrade in our plans: 

1.mining RKT8 – You can perform these actions yourself, or you can just invite friends

2.  YouTube VK Fb Ok Telegram promotion – you can unleash your resources by connecting a bot, replenishing the balance with tokens, placing a task – then you get likes, comments, subscriptions, views and other social actions from members of our community. Version 2.0

3.  learning 8 sources of robotic income. Version 3.0

All this will allow you to have a permanent significant source of income. 

More accurate calculations in the video review and text files below, they will help you understand the functionality and capabilities of BOT in more detail.

For a more complete picture of the features, functionality of the RKT8 roBOT and our plans for the future …

1.Watch the video below

# Videoreview of RoBOT RKT8

How much can you earn through the RKT8 robot and what updates are waiting for us all in the near future? 

  • 0:28 Announcement of events on the channel RAKETA T8
  • 1:05 What is RKT8 RoBOT?
  • 6:24 The functionality of RKT8 RoBOT
  • 10:20 Should I invite friends and why?
  • 13:11 Economy of RKT8 RoBOT
  • 16:30 Additional bonuses!!!
  • 17:39 What the RKT8 tokens give, the exchange rate
  • 21:33 RKT8 development prospects
  • 21:56 IMPORTANT!!!


# Videoinstruction to RKT8 RoBOT

How to use RKT8 roBOT and what you need to do this, let’s look at your actions. And plus we will sort the most popular errors to avoid them.

  • 0:00 Introduction to the RKT8 robot
  • 0:30 Registration in the RKT8 robot
  • 0:47 The first item in the “Tasks” menu
  • 8:05 Very important section “Crew”
  • 10:07 Your wallet
  • 11:15 How to withdraw funds
  • 11:45 RKT8 robot settings
  • 13:27 RKT8 token withdrawal settings


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