Waves Crypto Wallet complete instruction and Purchase of Waves and RKT8 – RKT8

Waves Crypto Wallet complete instruction and Purchase of Waves and RKT8


In this review, I’ll give you detailed instructions on how to use the Waves Wallet using Waves cryptocurrency and RKT8 token as an example, this is the same token created by Sergey Rad =) to give you the opportunity to earn income from all the resources of Raketa T8) Details below.

Before I begin to talk about how to use your Waves Wallet, let me remind you


Waves – is a platform for creating smart contracts, including tokens, so, you can not only use Waves token as a digital currency, but you can also create your tokens on this platform as well as on Ethereum. By the way, it is much easier to create tokens on the Waves than on the Ethereum platform, but not everyone knows about this;) In general, I am sure that the Waves platform deserves to be noticed. I will not tell you in detail, because there is already a video review from Sergey Glad on Raketa T8 channel, be sure to take a look.. 

And I will show you how to use the Waves Wallet.


First of all, note that Waves Wallet is much more than just a Waves token wallet. Here you can: 

  • First, receive, send and store your Waves tokens.
  • Second, Waves wallet supports other cryptocurrencies, that is, it is a multi-currency crypto fiat wallet.
  • Third, the Waves client performs the function of a decentralized exchange, that is, there is a built-in decentralized exchange in the wallet.
  • Fourth, you can not only store your Waves tokens here, but also earn money on renting your Waves tokens to miners. This feature is called Leasing.  
  • Fifth, you can create your token and even hold an ICO and your token will be traded here in pair with Waves and other available pairs.


You can download the wallet on the official website https://wavesplatform.com Choose the version of the client that corresponds to your Windows Mac Os or Linux operating system.

I choose Windows.

After the archive is downloaded, open it and click on the installation file.

Installation will take a few seconds.

Next, we are offered a choice of 5 addresses. Choose one of them and click “continue”.

Now we need to fill in the fields: 

1.Come up with an account name for example rktest

2. Come up with a complex password

3. Repeat password

Click “continue”.

And as you can see, we are warned to keep the secret phrase SEED.

Next, Waves warns us again that only we are responsible for the safety of funds. Do not enter your SEED on any other clients or sites, except on the official client.

By clicking the “accept” button you agree that you are solely responsible..

Then you see your unique secret phrase, which consists of 15 words.

Take it seriously – you should understand that this phrase gives you access to your account and balance and allows you to restore access.  

So, you must,

  • first of all, keep it in 2-3 places, in order to be able to recover if necessary.
  • secondly, you must hide it and not show it to anyone.

If you lose your password, you can recover it using SEED, but if you lose SEED, then no one can recover it and you will lose access to your account, and therefore your money. If you suddenly find out that someone got your SEED, if you had a mistake to spot it somewhere, then quickly withdraw your balance sheets (if you have time, of course) to another wallet and do not use it again. Only you are responsible for the safety of your funds. However, this also applies to any other wallet, not just Waves.  

I hope I conveyed the importance of the moment, and now let’s continue.

In general, you need to copy these 15 words exactly in the order they are written. Copy the phrase and save in 2-3 safe places.

By the way, I will not use this wallet, so I’m not hiding this phrase, but you must. I’ll show all other points about working with the wallet in another wallet, SEED from which I saved and hid. 😉

Next, click on the button “I wrote everything down.”

And here we see that Waves offers us to enter in the correct order the words from the secret phrase in order to verify that we have saved it.

Enter all 15 words in the correct sequence and click “confirm”.

Next you need to put a tick confirming your consent:

Carefully read and click “confirm and start.”

 And, finally, we get into our account. )) 

The Waves client interface is very pleasant, nothing superfluous. 

In Settings, you can select a language, session, and get wallet details..

The following is security data. Your SEED, private key, as well as public data: public key and your Waves address.  

And now let’s sort through all the functions of the Waves client that I listed at the beginning:


The first function is to receive, send, and store your Waves tokens. If you already have Waves, say, you bought them on any stock exchange and you want to store them safely, then click “get” and send your Waves to the specified address. Or, you already have tokens and it is here and you want to send them to the crypto-exchange, or to another user, then click “send” and follow the instructions. It’s simple! 

Second function. Waves supports other cryptocurrencies, that is, it is a multi-currency crypto-fiat wallet, namely, currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Bitcon Cash, Dash, Monero and also dollars, euros, etc. You can replenish your wallet with these currencies, store them here and make transfers to other addresses and wallets.

It is very interesting that you can buy waves straight from a bank card ..

The third function of the Waves client is a decentralized exchange, that is, there is a built-in decentralized exchange in the wallet, where you can exchange one currency for another.  


To go to the exchange click on the icon at the top left. . 

On the left side are traded pairs. At the moment there are couples to Waves and to Bitcoin. On the right – placed orders for sale and purchase, and in the center – a tool for placing orders. 

The order is placed according to the classics, nothing new, choose a pair, in my case Eth / Waves, specify the quantity, set the price and press to sell or buy depending on what you have chosen (SELL / BUY)

Below you will see your orders pending or executed.

Having bought Waves, for the convenience of viewing the balance, go back to the Asset tab – the main page. Personally, it looks like this to me.

Waves Tokens purchased in the amount of 17.19999226, and the Ethereum balance was reset. Actually, that’s how simple you can buy Waves coins. Nothing is difficult and unusual if you have already traded on the crypto exchange, and if not then this instruction will help;)


Let’s see the most interesting. Let’s go back to the exchange. And buy RKT8 tokens. We do everything the same as when buying Waves. We are looking for a pair. Here it is. Only now we press BUY, but not SELL. We put the quantity, price and click to buy RKT8.

We return back to Asset. And we see that RKT8 tokens did not appear as Waves did. To see them you need to go to the Portfolio section in the top menu. In this section are all the currencies that you have on your balance sheet and in Asset only the most basic Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dollar and so on are displayed.д.

Let me remind you that you can not just store your waves here, but you can increase them here by renting your Waves balance sheets to miners. This process is called Leasing and this is the fourth function.


To transfer the coins in leasing, go to the appropriate section in the top menu. Everything is simple – we see the balance of the Waves and the button “transfer to lease”.

Click and fill the fields.  

The first field is the node address.

To do this, select the node from the list and enter its address. I took for example the address of the Wavesnode.net nodes.

Next, enter the number.  

3 Click “transfer to lease” 

and confirm. 

They write to us that our transaction has been sent.

Click “read more” to view the information.

We see what is written done. Close and see that our leasing is active.  

Now my waves coins will bring me income. =)

I note that although the coins work in the pool of miners, they are at your address and under your control. The only thing is that while the coins are in leasing you cannot spend them. But you can withdraw leasing.

And we have the last fifth function left – the creation of tokens.


In the upper left you will see the last section, which we have not yet entered. Click there and get to the page to create tokens. There is already opened a simple form to fill in the data of your future tokens on Waves.

  • the name of the token
  • the description
  • the total number of tokens
  • the number of decimal places
  • the preview

and it costs only 1 Waves.  

As you can see, everything is very simple, you can conduct an ICO if necessary, but, of course, the creation of a token is only the technical part. If you really want to conduct your ICO, then this is a more complicated process and the topic is not exactly this review. 

This function, by the way, determines the value of this platform, since the goal of Waves is the tokenization of real business first and foremost. That is, for those who have their business and want to apply blockchain technology in their field, the Waves platform is probably the easiest and most convenient solution. Of course, it is possible to tokenize not only a traditional business, but also any other process that bears in itself value and in which it will be appropriate. 

Although no one will forbid you to tokenize your movie ticket, but what’s the point?


I have described above how to buy an RKT8 token, and now I will tell you what your personal gain from owning this token is. Let’s figure it out.

RKT8 is a token from the creator of the team Raketa T8 Sergey Rad. RKT8 was created on the Waves platform and carries the value and benefit to you personally. Now I will tell you how you can benefit from this token.  

Firstly, the RKT8 token was created specifically for Raketa T8 subscribers in order to thank you for participating in the development of the Raketa T8 resources and it is completely free!  

You can get RKT8 tokens for free

1. For natural activity on the channel and not cheating activity, just for what you already do: watch the video, put likes, write comments – this is what the channel is developing, Sergey wants to thank his audience.

2. You can receive RKT8 tokens as a prize in various contests. Previously, Sergey paid awards in ETH, and now it will be done through RKT8 tokens. In general, participate in contests, win and get RKT8 tokens.

3. There may be any other tasks useful for the entire Raketa T8 community and payment will also be in RKT8.

In general, it looks like an eternal bounty =) that is, the free distribution of tokens for efficiencies ..

By the way, there is a competition for a million in which RKT8 tokens are distributed every week and tokens will be distributed in the amount of 1 million rubles.  

Details in the telegram channel Raketa T8, subscribe required;)

In addition, advertisers will now pay for services in RKT8 and, at the same time, will receive a discount if they choose this payment method instead of their usual one. And they will buy tokens from you, if you have them and if you want to sell them, of course. 😉

And maybe you don’t want to sell them, and here’s why: the more RKT8 tokens you have, the more you will receive a share of the income of Raketa T8.   

Would you like to “bite off a piece of cake” as a share of the Raketa T8 business?

That is, you can collect tokens for free, save them and for this amount you will receive% of the payment for advertising by advertisers, that is, you can be a full-fledged partner of Sergey Rad and his project Paketa T8.  

It turns out that you can be a part of this business, where each participant is an interested person. Everyone is interested in the development of Raketa T8 resources because the more income Raketa T8 has, the more money is returned to all the holder of tokens RKT8.  

Therefore, it is beneficial for everyone to contribute to the development of the project.

And, of course, you can buy RKT8 tokens as I showed to increase your share of this business, since all tokens holders will receive bonuses according to their share relative to the total number of tokens.

And it will be like this: the advertiser paid for the services and the smart contract was divided this amount on all holders of tokens RKT8 according to their share.

By the way, there are 8,888,888 total tokens, not so many) a shortage is very likely that will cause the growth of the token, and in general I am confident that Raketa T8 project will grow, and hence the revenues will grow, and hence the % will be higher and higher. Another thing is whether you have a share to receive this % and what it will be..

By the way, there will be no ICO and it is not necessary to buy, but it is profitable.

And you decide, of course) 

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Очень интересный и перспективный, для каждого его участника, проект. Хочу изучать и зарабатывать вместе с Вами)

Nazmudin Murtasaliev Austria

Видео всё чётко ясно объяснил “лайк”. Я новичок надо к и мне всем новичкам потихоньку двигаться в перёд и все получится.


Очень хороший и подробный видео ролик. Спасибо !


Мне не понятно как купить waves с карты. У меня нет такой функции. И еще вопрос: номер кошелька одинаков для всех валют? Или к примеру для эфира мне надо создавать отдельный кошелек?

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