? Instruction to the RKT8 robot – RKT8

? Instruction to the RKT8 robot


Hello friends! I understand that you are already familiar with our crypto-robot RKT8, which allows you to mine cryptocurrency on social networks? Now we will review how to use it and what is needed for this, as well as analyze the most popular errors and I will tell you how to avoid them. So, let’s begin.


First you need to register in the robot. To do this, follow the link rkt8.io/rkt8robot and answer all the questions that the robot will ask you.

Or, if you want to fill in the information later – just click on the button ⏩ fill in the profile later. In the future, all personal data can be changed or added in Settings, we will talk about it later. That’s all, the registration is over. Isn’t it simple? At the end of registration, you will see a window, as in the picture below.


So, the first item in ? Tasks menu. Let’s begin with it. Click on it and you’ll see the sub-items:

? New – here you can see all new tasks, the robot will send you notifications about new tasks, but if suddenly for some reason this does not happen, I advise you to look here more often.

Completed – all tasks that are checked by the robot and marked as completed are included here.

? In work – Here the robot will transfer tasks that you did not have time to complete or they did not pass the test for some reason. I advise you to look here more often to monitor the correctness of the tasks’ performance.

Refused – well, the last item that we see is Refused, there will be all tasks that you refused. There is also an opportunity to resume the performance. But keep in mind that tasks have deadlines and limited emisson of rewards, so if the deadline has passed or the entire budget for the task has come to an end, it will not be possible to resume it.

Now let’s click on the button ? New, then All tasks, and perform the 1st task, as well as find out more about the mechanism of performing tasks.

We have the first task, which describes all the actions and conditions of reward. But do not hurry to click on all the links and perform, scroll down through the chat and click on the button ✅ Do, then you will see the 1st task. Or if you are a first-timer like me, then you will get the notification to connect the necessary social networks to complete this task. You do this only once and re-activation is not required.

Click Connect social accounts in the menu that appears, there you’ll see which accounts are needed to complete this task.

Now, one by one, connect all the social networks that the robot says. When you click on Social networks button, the robot redirects us to the social network page, where you need to give the robot rights to monitor your social activity. This is required to verify the performance of tasks.

Click Allow. After successful connection of all social networks, we will receive notifications about successful connection, as in the picture below.

Now again click on ? New / All tasks, and then ✅ Do and you’ll receive a notification that the task is accepted, proceed to the performance.

From the task above we can see that we need to watch the video. Click on the link and watch the video from beginning to the end, without using rewind. Here I want to draw the attention of those who will perform this task from mobile phones. If possible, do not interrupt the viewing of the task as with a phone call, the performance time may be reset and then the performance of this task will not be counted. Once finished watching the video, close it and click on the button ⏩ Next action.

Here we see the second action we need to do. Follow the link and subscribe to the channel. Open the link, subscribe and close the page. If you already subscribed, then you do not need to click a button to unsubscribe and subscribe again! Just open the link to make sure you subscribed and close. Click again ⏩ Next action.

Then the robot asks to follow the link and Like the video! Click on a link and set Like. I also recommend that you do not immediately close the page after you like it, since YouTube controls this and it may simply not be counted. Therefore, open the video, set Like, wait for 10-15 seconds and clos the page. Click again ⏩ Next action.

Now you need to leave a comment. Follow the link and leave a comment.

Read carefully what comments are forbidden to avoid banning your account by the robot!!!

Forbidden :

  • leave any meaningless comments not related to the topic of the video like “cool, thanks for the review, all the best and so on” (there is no ban for this yet, but in the future this will not be counted), you need to write comments on the video reflecting your opinion, rating, ask questions on the topic. For those who do not understand this, it is better to simply not take these tasks
  • copy your comments from previous videos that are not relevant to the topic of this video
  • copy comments of other users, including translation into another language
  • copy articles from the internet
  • copy the titles of the video and the first lines of the text review from the description
  • replicate emoji
  • other means to cheat

? Comments less than 75 characters are simply not counted. For those who watch the video it will not be difficult. Copy your comments from YouTube to VK is NOT prohibited.

? Blocking accounts on YouTube leads to the fact that tasks are not counted and the robot asks you to do it again. This is done easily, the same way as during the registration. In the case of a ban of your account in the robot – it simply will not respond to your commands.

As soon as you wrote the comment, click again ⏩ Next action.

Here you need to subscribe to the VK group. All the same as with the subscription to YouTube. Go and subscribe. If subscribed, then open and check if there’s the subscription. If there is a subscription, then close VK and click ⏩ Next action.

Here we need to like the post in VK and write a comment. Follow the link and perform all actions. After that, close the page and click ⏩ Next action. 

Here you need to subscribe to the Telegram group. All the same as with the subscription to YouTube channel and VK group. Go and subscribe. If subscribed, then open and check if there’s a subscription. If there is a subscription, open the bot again and click ⏩ Next action.

Now the tasks are finished. If, in your case, there are other tasks, perform them by analogy with the ones I brought you here and everything will be? Now the Robot will check all the tasks and, if successful, you will receive a notification that the tasks have been successfully completed and you will receive a message on the enrollment of tokens. Please note that if message (for example: ✅ Task “MOST FAIR COURT IN THE WORLD IN BLOCKCHAIN – ICO PROJECT OATH PROTOCOL REVIEW” successfully completed.) of the successful task pefrormance did not appear, it means one of the actions was not done or was performed incorrectly. In order to repeat the performance of this action, click in the menu on ? In work and do what the robot asks you to do again. Then click again. ⏩ Next action and then the robot will re-check this action. If successful, it will show you a message of successful performance.

Now let’s look at additional items in the task.

Do – we reviewed it earlier, it allows us to accept the task for performance.

⏩ Next – view the next task, the list will move from older to newer.

Refuse – here you can refuse to complete the task, after which it will fall into the menu ❌ Refused. Let’s look at the task return scenario. And so, I specifically refused the task and now turn to ❌ Refused, then – All tasks

Here we see the ✅ Do button, which will allow us to proceed to the performance of tasks and ⏩ Next button. It will allow you to scroll through the tasks which you refused. If you click on ✅Do, the task will begin. It is not differ from the standard one; you can use the instruction above for performance.

Now click ⬆️ Home button and move to the main menu.


Now let’s look into a very important section ?‍??‍?Crew, click the relevant button 

Let’s start with the subsection ? Referral link and check it out

Here by clicking on the ? Standard link you can get a referral link and use it to invite your friends to the robot. For all the tasks that your friends will perform you will receive a reward of 3% of the amount. Also, if your friends invite their friends, from them you will also receive a reward of 3% and so you will receive a percentage of all your referrals up to 10 levels down.

? Authorial link is the same as the usual one, but here it is possible to personalize it for yourself and make it more beautiful and memorable. See the picture below.

Now click ⬅️ Back button and return to the ?‍??‍? Crew menu. 

? My team – here after you invite your friends and the person registers, a list of 10 levels will appear and next to each level it will be written how many people are in it.

? Personal statistics – here you can find your personal statistics, how many partners did you invite in just one day, how much did your income earn from partners. Updated once a day.

? Public statistics – all the same, only the total for the whole bot. Here you can track the growth dynamics of the bot and the earnings of all participants, as well as how much money they have withdrawn for all the time and the last day. Updated once a day.

Well, we checked out the section ?‍??‍? Crew, now click on the button ⬆️ Home and move to the main menu.


In the main menu, click ? Your wallet and get into the section that will allow you to control your finances.

? My Balance – here you can see your balance, income from performing tasks and income from referrals is summed up and here you see the total amount. ❗️ Please note that the balance in order to reduce the load on the server is not updated immediately, but within 5 hours, so all your income and partner incomes will be displayed during this time until the robot calculates them. We are working to ensure that everything is displayed instantly, so we will soon solve this issue.

? Waiting – the balance of the so-called “hung” tokens is displayed here. If you accepted the task, the robot allocated to it a certain amount of tokens that fell just in this section. If the task is completed correctly, then all the tokens from this section will be transferred to the ? My Balance section. If you have some amount of money stuck there, then some task or group of tasks is not completed. To do this, go to ⬆️ Home, then ? Tasks and select ? In work. Finish all the tasks that the robot tells you and RKT8 tokens will be defrost.

? Fill up balance – there is nothing here so far, but we are working on it.

? Withdraw funds – Everything is simple here) The section is designed for withdrawing funds to the WAVES exchange, and also displays the minimum amount for withdrawal, the available amount of funds and your WAVES wallet. Since you just registered that you will be written that it is not installed. To install the wallet, go to the ? Settings section and add your wallet there, how to do this, we will look at a little further. To withdraw tokens, you only need to enter the required amount and send a message. After that, wait for receipt on your wallet.

Well, we also checked out the section ? Your wallet, now click on the button ⬆️ Home and move to the main menu.


Let’s now look into the settings of the robot, for this go to ? Settings 

Go to ? Personal data. Let’s start the settings from this section.

Here you can change the data that you filled out during registration if suddenly something is not filled. Or if you missed the registration, then enter them at this stage. So the points.

? Name – Well, everything is simple here, just your name.

? Login – Here you need to come up with your login. This login will allow to identify you in case of any faults, as well as in the future it will be a login to access the site and obtain more detailed statistics and information.

Password – protects your account. Also in the future will be used as a password to access the site.

✉️ E-mail – here you need to specify the mail, it can also be identified by the support service, and then it can be used to enter the site.

? City – is the city in which you live. Do not be lazy to fill it, in the near future we will have a functional that will allow you to interact with the guys from your city and earn money together.

? Sex – if not specified at the beginning, then fill it out! Well, if you decide to change …. Although I hope it will not come to it ?

Now click ⬅️ Back button and return to the ? Settings menu 

? Social networks – social networks are connected here, we already showed how to do this at the very beginning of the article, if you suddenly need to connect another social network, then click on the desired network and follow the instructions of the robot. Once again I remind you that the bot must be given all the permissions that are listed. If you suddenly restrict access to something, it may affect the task check and they will not be counted for you.

Moving now to the next subsection ? Notifications 

In this section, we can limit the robot in sending any notifications and so let’s go through the list.

? New users – notification of the connection of your friends or partners via a referral link, by clicking on the button you can selectively turn off notifications at any of 10 levels, as well as turn on any that you have previously disabled.

? Rewards – here you can turn off the notification of earned tokens from the performance of tasks.

? New tasks – In this section, you can disable or enable notifications about new tasks, as well as, for example, you can choose to have tasks for only a specific group. As an example, I like to perform tasks with machines, but the tasks with news are not very good for me, in this case, turn off News and get notifications only for the category you need. Here I want to note that now the tasks are all basically going into one business group and this functionality is made for the future. 

? Referral income – everything is the same here as in new users with the only difference is that the notifications contain the amount of income from one or another friend for the task. Here you can also turn off notifications at one of 10 levels.

? Personal statistics – every day at approximately 6:00 pm Moscow time, you will receive personal statistics, if you don’t need it, then you can disable this notification.

? Public statistics – everything is the same as with personal statistics, the only difference is that it is common and affects all users of the robot.

Now click ⬅️ Back button and return to the ? Settings menu 

To configure the withdrawal of RKT8 tokens to your wallet, click on ? Wallet. I want to draw your attention to the fact that if you have not previously specified a password and e-mail in the settings, now is the time to return and do it as without this data the robot will not allow you to connect the wallet. Made it for security purposes.

To set the address you just need to send it with a message. Be careful because not any WAVES address can be used, but only from their exchange. How to create an address on this exchange you can watch in the video below, Victoria KryptoVik has kindly prepared it for you.

Well, that’s all for this! All the instructions are over! Now you can safely go and perform tasks, both independently and with friends to build large partner networks together, and I wish you all the best of luck. And one bitcoin without change ?

Popular questions

Question: Where can I get a referral link for registration in a robot?

Answer: Everything is simple, go to the beginning of this post and follow the link, or you can find it in the description of C?SMODROME? chat.

Question: The menu is missing and I don’t know how to get it back.

Answer: In the text entry line, type /start or click the 4 small squares in the same text box.

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